• Owners: Bill & Kim Hamlin

Store hours:              5:30am-6pm daily

Boat Mechanic Shop: Mon-Fri

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    If you're looking for a great lake experience, we would like to invite you to Little River Marina & Lodge.  We offer everything you demand from a marina, and as you'll see, so much more.

    Formerly JR's Marina, a full renovation was completed in February 2011.  Since re-opening, we haven't looked back and have continued to grow.

    We were born and raised in the Weiss Lake area and enjoy fishing, hunting, and having a good time.  This is not only our business, but the result of our passion for the outdoors.  When you visit Little River Marina & Lodge you get our personal guarantee that we'll do our best to make your experience everything you expected.

     Thanks, and we look  forward to seeing you in the near

                                                         Bill & Kim
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